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Easter Brunch

CheeseDSC_3228.1No special Easter treats this year, just ‘cheese’. After too many bunnies and sweets, we kept a low profile. Family feasts are so difficult. There are many traditional foods and we are tempted between a healthy vegan lifestyle and alienating family traditions. For example Easter Brunch. I haven’t dared to invite anyone to do a ‘Vegan Brunch’.  Continue reading

Artisanal food

Whole wheat, artisanal pasta can be bought in bulk. As a package designer, I should be ashamed, but I love bulk from a NYC Co-op or from our local WF. This particular rough shaped whole wheat rigatoni for example feels very country like. Today I tested a quicky recipe for a vegan ‘Alfredo’, which compliments the taste of the pasta well. Home made pastas may also go well with following recipe. Different than the traditional ‘double trouble’ butter and cheese sauce, this cheesy sauce is a cold blend, poured over the hot al dente pasta and blended with blanched spinach. You may just chop the spinach and blend it in raw, but I like to blanch to remove some oxalic acid and make it more tender. The rather wintery recipe relies on dried herbs, but by all means, add fresh minced garlic if you have time… a very quick and satisfying dish. See recipe

Artisanal Cheeses

A challenge in plant based diets are cheeses. …or better, the lack of it. The addictive taste has been for many a reason to stray from a vegan diet. While commercial solutions have been more or less acceptable, there has been recently a trend in homemade cheese recipes. I tried already the Mozzarella style cheese from the VegNews article. Another recipe I tried now is for a french chèvre style cheese, that can taste like ‘Boursin’, I also changed it to a very garlicky spreadable ‘Le Tartare’. I altered both from the basic chèvre mix, that includes making Rejuvelac to incubate the cheeses. The process takes several days. So far, I love the results of the spreadable cheese. Contact me for recipe

Swabian delicacies

Spätzle are the German answer to Gnocchi! The popular board scraped or machine sliced fresh pasta, traditionally from Swabia, is flavored with spinach or cheese. Above picture shows the spinach style, which indeed looks as if someone slayed a dragon. There should be, other flavors possible. Just as the Gnocchi, they taste better freshly made. I veganized the recipe and also made a very convincing and tasty cheese sauce with it. Serve with salad and you will have a great lunch. Recipe

Not your Polly O’s

I did it, I made vegan Mozzarella from scratch. Vegan Mozzarella! It comes a little late as we just had pizza night; the process needs certain ingredients which I needed to buy, plus a day to sit. So I had some for lunch with home grown yellow heirlooms plus handy garden basil. The recipe is from the October edition of Veg News. As there are not many convincing commercial veg cheeses to find, I had been looking into veg cheese recipes in different places. It seems as with Genome sequencing, different people were recently eager to solve the veg cheese challenge. Continue reading

A Super Bowl – or how do veg’ns get enough protein

Real men need protein!  Usually the last argument against a plant based diet, as nutrition pyramids list animal food equal to protein, the Avantgarde may add soybeans to the list. Other foods that also contain protein however, are listed elsewhere as vegetables, grains or nuts. Most mushrooms for example have around 20-30% of protein by dry weight… To see if I am getting ‘enough’ protein in my diet, I did some math:  Continue reading