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Veg’n in Copenhagen – Cafe Kalaset, Vendersgade


Another episode of the unprepared vegan traveler… After we did not have much luck with dinner, we changed our strategy and followed where some young and smart looking Danish people got their grubs.
Kalaset is something like an organic internet café in a basement, busy with “hipster” workers, and hipster atmosphere, old radios and magnétophones 
line the walls; a good menu, including coffee and beer and good food is available.
The place is so crowded at least around lunch time, that you actually cannot order without proving a seat at one of the quickly occupied tables. Get in line to order and have a partner securing a table.
Food is clean and delicious, with veg’n choices and significant Nordic influence. For Danish restaurants, I heard this place is nicely priced. For us, all Scandinavian food appears rather expensive, but I believe that Danish food is of better quality then the common fare in the US… 

Veg’n in Hamburg – Restaurant Leaf, Ottensen

LeafIMG_0790Abroad, vegans need a plan where to eat. And often we are not prepared. A family reservation in a vegan restaurant in Hamburg Germany, therefore was close to winning the lottery for us. Hamburg has indeed, some veg’n restaurants. We went to try the popular vegan Leaf  in HamburgWe checked the website in advance, where newcomers can get a first idea what to expect, with very nicely presented portions. The menu is also bi-lingual to welcome international guests. We loved our dinner, I just recommend bringing more time than your reserved time slot. As we had tickets afterwards, we had to eat in a terrible hurry as large groups had created a backlog, unfortunately, we had to pass up the desserts. Next time then… 

Eating with the Moose – Moosewood Restaurant Ithaca


The Moose was always on my list. Everyone here of course knows the famous Moosewood restaurant, the cookbooks will find you early if you are veg. friendly. Mollie Katzen’s first books from her days in the cooperative, had made the place famous, beyond Ithaca.
For me directly from Europe, the early vegetarian cooking style felt a bit strange, as much as the rest of the local food in NY. Today, vegetarian and vegan cooking has moved on, from local and natural, to beauty oriented or raw–fancy, indulgent and gourmet showy. Not always with health in mind, just think ‘vegan cupcakes’. Continue reading

The plant based traveller

PierogDSC_3873Last week I was in Poland. With mom, aunt and sister, we went as far as Gdansk in search of our family roots. I must confess, I am a miserable ambassador for vegan food when abroad. I don’t have a vegan food guide or plan ahead for 100% acceptable food. And Poland surely can be a challenge with its hearty old world fare. Noticing a vegetarian chain restaurant on the way, I also liked to discover local possibilities – for example Pirogi. In a good restaurant, there was always a meat free Pirogi version on the menu (this one here for example is with mushrooms and sauerkraut, others come with chanterelles or potatoes). Aside from the accidental bacon bit decor, eat your pirogi, dig into the surowka (raw cabbage salad,) that is complimenting many hot dishes and you have an acceptable meal, wash down with a local Vodka, repeat. Pirogi even come as dessert pastry filled with fruit blends. Definitely worth an experiment at home.