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Veg’n in Copenhagen – Cafe Kalaset, Vendersgade


Another episode of the unprepared vegan traveler… After we did not have much luck with dinner, we changed our strategy and followed where some young and smart looking Danish people got their grubs.
Kalaset is something like an organic internet café in a basement, busy with “hipster” workers, and hipster atmosphere, old radios and magnétophones 
line the walls; a good menu, including coffee and beer and good food is available.
The place is so crowded at least around lunch time, that you actually cannot order without proving a seat at one of the quickly occupied tables. Get in line to order and have a partner securing a table.
Food is clean and delicious, with veg’n choices and significant Nordic influence. For Danish restaurants, I heard this place is nicely priced. For us, all Scandinavian food appears rather expensive, but I believe that Danish food is of better quality then the common fare in the US… 

Veg’n in Hamburg – Restaurant Leaf, Ottensen

LeafIMG_0790Abroad, vegans need a plan where to eat. And often we are not prepared. A family reservation in a vegan restaurant in Hamburg Germany, therefore was close to winning the lottery for us. Hamburg has indeed, some veg’n restaurants. We went to try the popular vegan Leaf  in HamburgWe checked the website in advance, where newcomers can get a first idea what to expect, with very nicely presented portions. The menu is also bi-lingual to welcome international guests. We loved our dinner, I just recommend bringing more time than your reserved time slot. As we had tickets afterwards, we had to eat in a terrible hurry as large groups had created a backlog, unfortunately, we had to pass up the desserts. Next time then… 

New Twist for a well known theme

DressDSC_5216Burgers again? The real advantage of plant based food is that there are so many different recipes to discover. Even though they might look the same as their carnivore cousins, they’re never the same old recipe. This time I tried a blend with mushrooms, walnuts and oatmeal. Mushrooms add umami and juice and the rest adds texture, if you want, you can also add some leftover black beans to the mix. See recipe
I also posted my variation of easy veg’n carrot ginger dressing that goes very well with a light garden salad, or even baby spinach. See recipe

Happy Colors


Happiness lies in colorful food. There is rarely a baby that is not a happy eater of sweet and comforting root veggies. Even Smiley face yellow carrots are among the many colors of Heirloom varieties.
Asides from Vitamin A and B, carrots offer many healthy benefits. One of Europe’s oldest used vegetables, carrot seeds were found in Switzerland and Germany as early as to 2000–3000 BC. Continue reading

The one that didn’t make it…

BSproutDSC_5151Thanksgiving has to include a brussels sprout… I had this unusual recipe but did not have time to include it this Thanksgiving. It requires cutting the little heads in half and then deliberately slicing them to fine shreds. For this side dish, had to make a couple of changes as I did not have cranberries or pistachios at home. Pistachios do well with the sprouts, several recipes list this combination, instead I used sliced almonds and vegan parmigiano. Also, instead of cranberries, I used soaked raisins, chopped even smaller. Although a bit more work, this variation on brussels sprouts recipes is well worth the effort. See recipe