What about Tofu?

Tofu has a non-taste. Maybe veg’n food has a bad reputation as tofu is too often used as a quick and careless replacement for meat. The bean curd has very different properties, besides little taste it has a chewy to creamy texture depending on style. It might accompany a veg’n dish but should not be the sole center of attention to replace a steak, even if it is marinated and grilled. See my recipe for scrambled tofu.
Eating soy and tofu is recommended, as it is likely healthier by replacing animal protein, however, it is not a miracle medicine and moderation is key.
A whole 14oz slab of tofu contains 30 grams of protein which needs to be balanced  with healthy greens and grains. A cup of tofu also contains 56 mg of isoflavones. Consumed on a daily basis, doctors believe in a potential for thyroid damage, possibly also damage of the reproductive system.
Some people are concerned about phytoestrogens that mimic human hormones, but normal consumption will have no effect. I’d rather be concerned about exposure to potentially harmful genetically modified organisms, as soy is one of the main GMO crops in the country, and as today we do not have any regulation about GMO labelling in the US. Therefore soy and tofu should be bought organic only.
Despite it’s plant origin, tofu is still a processed food, eating foods in their most natural state is always superior.
It should be ok if you cook with soy and tofu on a less than daily occasion, however avoid consuming soy and especially soy isolates every day hidden in salad sauces and  protein drinks or junk food such as soy dogs.

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