Saving green zebras

Maybe a Global warming ‘Trick or Treat’? The unexpected snowstorm in New York on October 29 had us gather our crop in a hurry. A couple of years ago, I discovered Heirlooms at the Union Square market and was experimenting with different tomato kinds in containers since then. The plentitude of little ‘Blondköpfchen’, the voluptious Millie, the tasty Brandywine, the Purple Cherokee and the Black Krim. Eastern Europeans often ripen faster and grow late into fall. Some tasty big tomatoes crack in our heavy rains and are susceptible to early blight and spider mites. Not so the green zebra, showing lush greens wile others were suffering. This low profile tomato won’t carry as much as the heavy kind, and you may loose some to bottom rot. Green zebras ripen slowly, in fact you may never know for certain when they are ripe, they can be kept until needed last minute. I like them when they turn golden yellow, and the skin has a beautiful metallic sheen. They are firm and taste rather tart and I mostly eat them fresh on bread or in salads. Following is a recipe of a classic lentil salad, with green zebras, the cheese can be replaced with vegan feta replacer or ground walnuts. See Recipe

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