11 almonds unshelled, preferably soaked
1 tbs roasted sesame seeds
2 dried dates, pitted
1 cup of filtered water
1 tbs cinnamon

For better results, I recommend to soak almonds overnight or at least for 4 hours. The longer they are soaked the creamier they get. Discard the soaking water and fill the almonds with the other ingredients into a blender and churn for some time until you get a fine foamy mixture. If the dates are really dry, I would soak them as well, so that they don’t bounce too hard in the blender. Keep some of the cinnamon to decorate a foam pattern.  ©Mighty Forks 2011

Combined dry ingredients per
batch of creamer  (lasts for 2-4 servings)

(Source: USDA)

Nutritional value per 46 g dry ingredients:
Energy                199.97 Kcal    (9%RDA)
Carbohydrates     15.5  g           (11.8%RDA)
Protein                   5.45 g           (9.5%RDA)
Total Fat              12.45 g            (45%RDA) (20%DV)
Cholesterol                 0 mg
Dietary Fiber      6.772 g            (16.9%RDA)
Folates                   19.9 mcg        (5%RDA)
Niacin                 0.819 mg           (5.7%RDA)
Pantothenic acid   0.2 mg          (6.2%RDA)
Pyridoxine          0.147 mg          (11.2%RDA)
Riboflavin          0.226 mg          (17.3%RDA)
Thiamin              0.091 mg          (6.8%RDA)
Vitamin A           39.64 IU           (1.34%RDA)
Vitamin C             0.19 mg           (<1%RDA)
Vitamin E             4.45 mg           (29.8%RDA)
Vitamin K          2.032 mcg          (1.7%RDA)
Sodium                 1.83 mg            (<1%RDA)
Potassium       284.68 mg            (5.8%RDA)

Calcium              200.1 mg          (20%RDA)
Copper               0.633 mg           (70.9%RDA)
Iron                      1.527 mg          (19.1%RDA)
Magnesium       86.94 mg           (21.8%RDA)
Manganese        1.507 mg           (65.4%RDA)
Phosphorus    148.62 mg           (20.9%RDA)
Selenium             3.44 mcg         (6.2%RDA)
Zinc                         1.4 mg           (12.6%RDA)
Carotene-ß              20.34 mcg
Crypto-xanthin-ß     6.45 mcg
Lutein-zeaxanthin  14.78 mcg
Lycopene                   0.75 mcg

Now compare with a cup of Whole Milk 3.25% Fat:
146 Kcal,
8 g Total Fat (5 g saturated Fat)
24 mg Cholesterol (8%DV),
98mg Sodium (4%DV),
13 g Carbohydrates,
0 g Dietary Fiber,
8 g Protein,
Vitamin A 5% DV,
Calcium 28%DV

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