Thrive – The Athlete’s Nutrition Guide by Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman Triathlete from Vancouver, BC is also vegan. His early research in the nutritional field has been circling around how to improve performance with nutrition, by minimizing the stress that ordinary and high acidic foods may cause to the body. Brazier moved to a diet that uses naturally ‘functional foods’. Brazier’s first book focuses on food before and after athletic training, smoothies, power bars and fresh food recipes. Recipes that are easy to make for the average sports health nut.

In the newer edition of ‘Thrive’, also views impact to our environmental footprint. Brazier has been involved in research that came up with the ‘ANDY Score‘, which is measuring the nutritional value of a food item, a system also supported by the Whole Foods company.
The new recipes are more precise, and list weight instead of cups. Brazier, now living in California, shows stronger influences of the RAW movement. Some recipes require a dehydrator or oven drying time.

Both books are worth reading. Especially in the new ‘Thrive’ book, the completely new aspect (for the US,) of calculating environmental impact of food is explained.

So far my sweet tooth made me play with power ball + bar recipes as an attempt to come up with better ‘truffles’ for the daily munch. These store at least 1 week in the fridge, even after 2 weeks I ate the last one which was still ok…Sample Recipe
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