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Raw sweets

TrufDSC_6198.1RAW foodies have a sweet tooth. When looking at some recipe books recently, I noticed salads, appetizers, dips & sauces and snacks, and then… come the desserts. I flipped back, did I miss the entrees? Don’t expect to find a real heavy traditional main dish in RAW recipes, entrees will look like beautiful appetizers and they are likely very filling.
Here are some little truffles, RAW (or quick vegan). They are  less chocolatey, think of the answer to commercial marzipan potatoes and tadaa…the most indulgent way to eat a carrot…
If you care to make this recipe truly live, you will look for unpasteurized RAW almonds, as all domestic (U.S.) almonds require pasteurization and are likely blanched as well. You may find imports from Spain, which need lots of soaking and may have a higher content of bitter almonds in the batch, but they should even be able to sprout. See recipe

Mardi Gras

There is nothing traditional except color. I must admit, this is a wacky and not very festive combination, but despite the looks it is really tasty. The real recipe of the bake is with white or savoy cabbage, white beans and potatoes. However if you like a stronger taste with more character, try red cabbage and juicy black beans which also won’t discolor. Serve with quinoa burgers and tartar sauce. Cabbage blend recipe
The quinoa burgers or croquettes are quite tasty with tartar sauce. The recipe is adjusted to be non crumbly as the original German recipe was more like granola. Quinoa burger recipe

The Gingerbread project

LebkuDSC_2970I had my eye on true domino cookies, or Elisen Lebkuchen, but I first used my new spice mix for a traditional batch of gingerbread men… to thank our neighbor for rescuing our car. Of course an enhanced veg. recipe.
If anyone local remembers, the drier version might taste like a harmless version of Kemm’sche Kuchen, or even ‘Hamburger Braune Kuchen”. See recipe here.

Happy 1st Birthday – Spoonsense!

And there is Mother’s Day. ‘Happy Mother’s day, Mom.’ With all special occasions combined I made traditional style cupcakes. My ‘Black Forest’ cupcakes are vegan. Friends know, that cupcakes are usually not my cup of… eh, cake. However, watching ‘Cupcake wars’ in the gym has left an impression. This is simple and foolproof and really bad. Chocolate style dough, rum, cherry spread filling and ‘buttercream’. A whole stick of Earth Balance plus confectionery sugar that produced just a small amount of filling and topping for each one. Think about how thickly coated cupcakes usually are – vow! To my taste, an awfully sweet treat. I will have to work out the flavors more and get something creamier and less guilty than buttercream, then I’ll post the recipe. ‘I dare you, mom to come and get one…’

Decadent Valentine’s

Have you craved Mousse-au-Chocolat lately? If you thought, you can never eat such decadent dessert again, as real mousse contains raw egg, butter or alcohol, here is good news: This vegan version is superior to what I have tested in years! It also won’t collapse as easily as a regular mousse does, plus you don’t need such a difficult dance in cooling time. You will however, need a food processor, as the mix is too dry for a regular blender. Tip: Make some more, the small amount I listed barely makes it out of the machine… Now you just have enough prep time for Valentine’s recipe