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TabouDSC_6320RAW cuisine is so immensely creative. Replacing cooked grains or pasta for similar tasting ingredients solves the common sogginess of traditional Tabbouleh (Tabouli) Salad. No matter what I used to do, my grain tabbouleh was sweating. This new recipe has an unusual twist, can be made as RAW recipe and tastes great. Instead of cracked wheat or couscous pasta, it uses chopped cauliflower… See recipe. 

Cabbage flowers

Early Arab scientists wrote about Cauliflower in the 12th and 13th centuries. In 16th century, the French introduced ‘Chouxfleurs’. Cultivars were developed in Germany, France and Asia. Italian versions include the original white, the Romanescu and the colored varieties, also broccoli cultivars.
When I grew up in Northern Europe, cauliflower was popular. Today, broccoli might have taken it’s place. There are great in Indian dishes like Aloo Gobi, but also a soup of cauliflower and potato is a quick and warming dish, that might even work in leftover cauliflower. See Recipe

Orange vegetables

Cauliflower comes in many colors. I am a bit weary when I see bright purple varieties on our farmer’s market. However colors are common and the orange variety is supposed to be canadian form with increased levels of vitamin A. The list of cauliflower benefits includes cell repair and cancer protection and is more potent, when the vegetable is stir fried instead of boiled. I love sauces, so Aloo Gobi, the Indian curry with lots of spices and one of the red hot chilli pepper is just right when it is getting nippy outside. Use white or orange cauliflower, as the colors won’t fight the red sauce. I tried a recipe from a German book, but had to adjust it to what I had available here and I always slip some chickpeas in the recipe… See recipe