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You made truffles from what?

Valentines’ is chocolate season, with sinful sweets and chocolate gifts for loved ones. All the reason to experiment with your own truffles, before the chocolate craze starts.
As in the earlier mayonnaise post, the emulsifier does not need to be from eggs or cream, the blend does not need to contain loads of dairy or fats.

The filling is instead made from a blend of pecans with sweet potato mash(!), they surprisingly taste very much like traditional hand made truffles which makes me wonder, what companies can blend into chocolates these days… DIY and you can influence ingredients; which sweetener or chocolate you use to make it vegan and/or healthier. See recipe


MullagaDSC_5686.1The ‘Last Soup of the Year,’ Miss Sophie’s favorite Mulligatawny soup in ‘Dinner for One’, is known in Germany at least since the annual airing of the British play at New Year’s Night. The Anglicized Tamil-Indian soup’s name, that is spoken with a stiff lip, simply means ‘pepper water’.
There are many ways to make this soup, which always has a curry taste and a yellowy turmeric tint. Following is my vegan interpretation. Despite the Indian leaning, the soup is perfect for our Northern cold season. See recipe.

Even more Kale

CoconutDSC_3218.1Vietnamese coconut soups are very popular in winter; La Sa Tom for example, the spicey curry coconut noodle soup comes with chicken or shrimps. I can do without the shrimps and as I found out, also without the noodles. This unusual pan-asian blend is a great way to get a big serving of kale in a very satisfying soup. I used dark Indian chickpeas for the first time, they have a stronger shell, similar to fava beans, and may require longer soaking and cooking, however the bigger light colored chickpeas may be smoother for the soup. See recipe 

Tasty Bites

DalDSC_3203.1Madras Lentils and other Indian Dishes are available as ready-to-eat pouches even at Costco. The popular Punjabi recipe is the Indian answer to Chili, a sure bet in the U.S.; The Indian original, called Dal Markhani, means ‘lentil rich sauce’, it can be prepared with little effort and money at home, with much healthier ingredients and dairy free. See recipe

Indian Rice

CurryDSC_3171.1Wild Rice is native in North America and China. The long grain has a dark, chewy outer skin with a delicate inner core and a nutty vegetal taste. It is a cousin to white rice, but is higher in protein than other grains and has recently gained popularity as local gluten free speciality in the US.

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Raw blends

Now testing my new high speed blender… One big advantage of blender food is, that it is quick and good for some raw recipes. A great thing if you do not want to cook twice a day. While flipping through the ‘Forks over Knives’ cookbook, I tried this soup. I added some ‘zing’ but the base is a cold avocado soup. See recipe

A promising Season

The yellow giants are out. Most of my heirloom seeds seem slow this year. The only variety shooting up rocket like, is the big yellow, a juicy heirloom tomato from the farmer’s market plus one shy Cherokee. I don’t even know the big yellow’s name yet. Looking forward to my tomatoes in summer, I recently found a tomato soup picture with a perfect orange color. As I did not have much fresh tomato produce, I added some carrots and even beets for substance and for a deep red color. With spices a convincing soup; blend nut milks to make it creamy! See recipe

Crossing the river

This weekend we crossed over to Nyack. True Foods, a campus style restaurant which makes very nice curries. I was inspired to do my own version of a mixed vegetable curry with coconut milk. Very comforting. See recipe

Decadent Valentine’s

Have you craved Mousse-au-Chocolat lately? If you thought, you can never eat such decadent dessert again, as real mousse contains raw egg, butter or alcohol, here is good news: This vegan version is superior to what I have tested in years! It also won’t collapse as easily as a regular mousse does, plus you don’t need such a difficult dance in cooling time. You will however, need a food processor, as the mix is too dry for a regular blender. Tip: Make some more, the small amount I listed barely makes it out of the machine… Now you just have enough prep time for Valentine’s recipe

The cure for the common Christmas cookie

Butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. The regular Christmas cookie is a bomb. Four Sundays preceding Christmas are celebrated as Advent, when many traditional baked goodies and sweets are consumed. They might leave you feel stuffed and cranky for days and will eventually settle on your hips.  Continue reading

Veganize it!

Don’t throw away your old cookbook, veganize it! Some of our family recipes are worth keeping after replacing the fat dripping and cholesterol raising ingredients. The recently published book ‘Veganize it’ helps how to replace ingredients such as sugar, eggs, dairy and meat. I replaced the cream in this mushroom wine sauce from my favorite Pizza & Pasta cookbook, with coconut milk. The result is amazing.  See recipe

Wild Things

Beech trees start blossoming after 30-50 years of age. A hot and humid summer can produce an abundance of prickly capsules holding the handsome triangular beech nuts. However not every year. As harvest is never reliable and work intense, beech nuts were never used commercially. Readily eaten by man and beast likewise during lean war times, they were roasted to reduce toxic tannins and processed to cooking oil and lamp oil. Continue reading