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Humble beginnings – Happy New Year

The New Year should start with a fanfare… celebrated with a special recipe and New Year’s greetings. However today, after so many specials and baked goods, we are craving healthy foods. So I just do, what I kept doing on my blog, cooking and posting ideas and recipes. While I am reading the ‘Happy Herbivore’ book, I made these handsome spiced corn pancakes from the dried and ground CSA corn to go with my black bean soup and salad. A nice combination. Recipe at the Happy Herbivore 

Orange vegetables

Cauliflower comes in many colors. I am a bit weary when I see bright purple varieties on our farmer’s market. However colors are common and the orange variety is supposed to be canadian form with increased levels of vitamin A. The list of cauliflower benefits includes cell repair and cancer protection and is more potent, when the vegetable is stir fried instead of boiled. I love sauces, so Aloo Gobi, the Indian curry with lots of spices and one of the red hot chilli pepper is just right when it is getting nippy outside. Use white or orange cauliflower, as the colors won’t fight the red sauce. I tried a recipe from a German book, but had to adjust it to what I had available here and I always slip some chickpeas in the recipe… See recipe

Yellow season

It is clearly yellow season. The leaves are turning, the nights are getting colder and we are craving warm foods. Ahh spicy foods. I picked up this Indian style burger recipe but never had all the ingredients, to make it. So today again, did  some creative replacements. I notice, all my burgers seem to look the same, however the taste is every time different. This time the idea comes close to Samosas. See recipe

Raw blends

Now testing my new high speed blender… One big advantage of blender food is, that it is quick and good for some raw recipes. A great thing if you do not want to cook twice a day. While flipping through the ‘Forks over Knives’ cookbook, I tried this soup. I added some ‘zing’ but the base is a cold avocado soup. See recipe

Throat soothers and scrubbers

Out of the blue, I caught a summer flu. Magazines are now big on light summer soups. The pastel colored and easy to make, often pureed soups, are a great starter for dinner and perfect for lunch and use the abundance of squash and corn. cilantro, hot peppers and lime add Southern flavor. My corn soup also worked great to soothe my sore throat, hot chillies added a scrubbing and beat the flu – forget chicken soup. Another variety I tried today was a summer squash soup with several kinds of squash, zucchini and corn. See recipe

The green cowboy

If you don’t have an ingredient, be creative… Sometimes replacing creatively brings us a nice new recipe. Here is the ‘Cowboy’ salad with a twist in ingredients. A smoother much more refined version in green. With the season the possibility of weekend salad combinations is endless. See recipe

How the cowboy got better

Cowboy foods are made of beans, lots of them… Food such as dried corn, rice and beans were easy to bring and prepare in the wild.
Each grown culture with food rich in beans, peas and lentils, has discovered methods that would help digestion and fight gas. Which refutes the old assumption that veg people necessarily fart. Our cowboys slurping their bean soup around the campfire, were most likely unaware, which wild weed could spice the dish and help with the after effects. But maybe the concert was part of the fun, so why bother?
It already helps to soak or sprout beans and grains several hours before cooking. Continue reading