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You made truffles from what?

Valentines’ is chocolate season, with sinful sweets and chocolate gifts for loved ones. All the reason to experiment with your own truffles, before the chocolate craze starts.
As in the earlier mayonnaise post, the emulsifier does not need to be from eggs or cream, the blend does not need to contain loads of dairy or fats.

The filling is instead made from a blend of pecans with sweet potato mash(!), they surprisingly taste very much like traditional hand made truffles which makes me wonder, what companies can blend into chocolates these days… DIY and you can influence ingredients; which sweetener or chocolate you use to make it vegan and/or healthier. See recipe

A twist for a dessert

EmpanadDSC_3688You can make these little zapatitos, if you have some empanada dough left. They are a simple blend, and closed like dumplings, as the filling is a bit more wet. Great to use up some overripe, even frozen bananas. See recipe

Seasonal baking

Traveling along the Moselle, visiting the German wine country a year ago, we quickly adapted to a southern speciality called Nussecken ( Nut Triangles ) that I haven’t seen in the North yet. Back here I tried a recipe and then forgot about it, now with new baking energy in Advent season I am veganizing existing recipes. Nut triangles need a big amount of nuts, a blend of almonds and also hazelnuts. The triangles have two layers of dough and are filled with jam and are finally dipped in very dark chocolate. See Recipe

Valentine’s Chocolate Marzipan

Is there such thing as a healthy Marzipan? According to the History of Lübeck, the German town known for it’s marzipan, the sweet paste was invented during a famine when flour was not available, with a recipe most likely from the Middle East. A good German style marzipan has at least 50% almonds and 50% sugar and spices. Do not buy if sugar or other sweetener is first on the ingredient list. Continue reading