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What to do with eggplant


Good recipes should be passed on. Our CSA blog suggested an eggplant soup to take care of the orphaned nightshades in our kitchen. The recipe from the NY Times they recommended, looked so nice and tasty, that I had to try it. My soup looked more earthy and not as milky as on their picture, plus I photographed at night, which did not produce such a good picture, but it tasted great. Following is the link to the original recipe. The changes I made might have been due to that I had a only a white eggplant. The roasting in the oven broiler took also double the time,  than indicated, that I would consider roasting over open stove flame next time. My adapted recipe

Blessed with eggplants

MoussDSC_4241It’s raining eggplants and cucumbers. While I was hoping for a green salad leaf in our last CSA delivery, I suddenly find myself loaded with eggplant bounty. Back to the Mediterranean where the nightshade recipes are a plenty. That reminded me, we never tried our own veg. moussaka, which also makes use of zucchini squash also in multiples in our fridge. Little did I know that this humble dish needs a lot of oven time. On this occasion I also learned about a nice alternative to veg. smart ground, made from scratch, however if no meat substitute is at hand, I always use some chopped mushrooms for texture and instead of bechamel, I used mashed potatoes. See recipe

Balkan secrets

AjvarDSC_2506Ajvar production – a wrinkled granny with headscarf and toothless smile stirring a vat of reddish paste. The article with the memorable picture was showing how Ajvar was made in the Balkan. Always eager to find plant based alternatives to put on a quick bread, without time to cook, I was excited to try this new old recipe. And finally we are in season for plump eggplants and red peppers. Besides my paté, there is now Ajvar.

Ajvar originated in Macedonia, or Serbia or maybe beyond, and has been brought here as specialty import. Hot and not so hot Ajvar, depending on your taste, can be also made at home. If you know the art of roasting peppers and eggplants without trashing your kitchen, the Balkan secrets can be all yours. See recipe