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MullagaDSC_5686.1The ‘Last Soup of the Year,’ Miss Sophie’s favorite Mulligatawny soup in ‘Dinner for One’, is known in Germany at least since the annual airing of the British play at New Year’s Night. The Anglicized Tamil-Indian soup’s name, that is spoken with a stiff lip, simply means ‘pepper water’.
There are many ways to make this soup, which always has a curry taste and a yellowy turmeric tint. Following is my vegan interpretation. Despite the Indian leaning, the soup is perfect for our Northern cold season. See recipe.

The mother of all slaw

SurowDSC_4645Ever wondered where Cole Slaw is rooted? It must be from somewhere East… In Poland for example, there is Surówka, which means literally ‘raw’ salad, but then there is the German ‘Rohkost’. It is made in varieties with shredded carrots, apples, raisins and cabbage and likely other raw vegetables, plus fresh herbs, such as dill. You can add some sauerkraut to add some beneficial culture. The dressing can be salty or sweet, with plain lemon and spices. But you can also dress it up creamier, for example, add some cashew cream or tofu and replace the sugar from the recipe with a date or alternative sweetener in the blender. It is so fresh and tasty, much fresher than the usual tired and oily slaw. See recipe

New York Deli

ThunaDSC_3181New York Delis have fooled many city visitors. Expecting a real ‘Delicatessen’ store, which in Europe is a premium feast for the eye and the palate, visitors enter a Deli in New York, but calling it such is a joke at best. A NY Deli sells coffee and sandwiches in a quality found in gas stations all over the country. One staple in delis, sandwich chains and bagel cafes is the common tuna salad. An often soupy concoction with only two distinguishable ingredients: mayonnaise and celery, other ingredients, hopefully tuna, hidden in the mesh. As tuna taste is addictive and vegans commonly miss it, there is now relief: The very convincing and most healthy vegan un-tuna blend. Just what I had for lunch!

Inflammation remedy

Recently I was researching anti inflammatory foods. Sugar, alcohol, red meat and dairy apparently increase inflammation. So do very refined white wheat products. But what food products are anti-inflammatory? Some remedies are turmeric (ginger) and aloe gel. You may also try cinnamon. Continue reading

Summer Grain

We love summer. Our CSA has started delivery, music festivals and garden tours invite for picnics on weekends… and we still eat winter kale, time to make some lighter fare. There were the wheat berry salads I used to eat when working in the city. Without shopping for perfect ingredients, and using up some CSA greens, I came up with this nice summer picnic version with flavors of mint from our own supplies. See recipe here

Easy as Thai

Spring Fresh! A refreshing salad in Asian restaurants is green papaya or mango salad. I recently tried a mango salad that was loaded with fried noodle shreds. Adding popped amaranth instead of fried noodles –  a great idea! Fun to make and healthy. Following is my westernized version of a mango salad with popped amaranth and roasted peanuts. Popping fun. See Recipe