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Variation of a Theme


Black beans are such a Soul Food. As mushrooms have Umami flavor, black beans, I am sure have something similar. While red bean Chili is an American favorite… ( just read our local fire department’s participates in a chili contest,) there are some like me, who are just not able to survive the day after Red Bean Chili (maybe the beans were not soaked?) however, I have never met anyone who can pass up a velvety Black Bean soup.
My earlier recipe contained butternut squash, this one here is even easier, it is based on tomatoes. I always recommend to go as fresh as possible with ingredients, use fresh tomatoes instead of canned, which in winter may be a challenge. This soup is more succulent less sweet and more spicy than the other recipe and it comes close to Dobbs Ferry’s Tomatillo restaurant soup. See here for recipe.

Forbidden food

Buddhist monks avoid 5 forbidden plants: onions, garlic, chives, leeks and scallions. The Sutras list aphrodisiac properties for the cooked vegetables, something you surely want to avoid when you are a monk. Worse, the raw vegetables are said to cause breath that may irritate the good spirits.
Western tradition however, has long time celebrated the healing properties of the allium family against infection, blod clots, even cancer. Continue reading