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The origins of paisley

MangoDSC_3239.1Mango trees still fruit when they are 300 years old. Then, a mango tree must be still a good family investment, provided you live in the right climate. The South Asian native fertility symbol is used for wedding decoration, art and traditional symbolic; Mango motifs and paisleys graced traditional Indian and Iranian embroidery styles. The first mangoes brought overseas were pickled, to allow transportation of the easy spoiling fruit. Continue reading

Try this at home!

Our first heat wave is here… How about a refreshing, vegan Mango Lassi, that doubles as protein drink. Original Indian Restaurant Lassi’s are wonderful, fruity, sweet and refreshing treats that also leave you full before you even finish your food…
To get the sweet and sour taste, I was looking to replace the thick yogurt or kefir with a guilt free vegan version. There is even probiotic vegan yogurt and vegan sour cream. Add lots of crunched ice and survive the heat!
Try this at home…

Easy as Thai

Spring Fresh! A refreshing salad in Asian restaurants is green papaya or mango salad. I recently tried a mango salad that was loaded with fried noodle shreds. Adding popped amaranth instead of fried noodles –  a great idea! Fun to make and healthy. Following is my westernized version of a mango salad with popped amaranth and roasted peanuts. Popping fun. See Recipe

Bringing back summer

Grains are the basis of the food pyramid. Although we manage eating beans, grains don’t seem to fit in with anything I grew up with. As if we were to be reminded to: “eat more grains”.
Quinoa in a summer salad, a combination of sweet and savory ingredients makes a lighthearted dish. It’s bright colors feel like a southern party theme, margaritas or an outside occasion for grilling with friends. Although we are used to bold gazpachos and salsas, this salad feels different. You can add some zing with a jalapeno pepper or keep it mild. I will save the recipe for such an event. Today, it was just a nice addition to a warm day in fall.  Get the recipe