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Original Elisen Gingerbread

GingerDSC_8483Northern Europe, knows a large variety of gingerbreads, they originate from the honey breads and pepper cakes, also called Lebkuchen in German. You can choose from the Nordic pepper cake style such as the Swedish ‘Peparkaka’ or the Hamburger Braune Kuchen. A simpler dough is used for Gingerbread houses (Pfefferkuchenhaus). Then there are Pfeffernüsse, the chewy round sugar glazed balls. Around Aachen you can find Printen, bare or chocolate glazed ‘logs’ of rock sugar studded very hard gingerbread. A very old variety is the diamond shaped spicy Magenbrot. Simple Supermarket ‘Lebkuchen’ are chewy floury dough stars and pretzels, also jam filled hearts, and ‘Domino cubes’ covered with dark chocolate. And then there are Elisen Lebkuchen. Continue reading

Valentine’s Chocolate Marzipan

Is there such thing as a healthy Marzipan? According to the History of Lübeck, the German town known for it’s marzipan, the sweet paste was invented during a famine when flour was not available, with a recipe most likely from the Middle East. A good German style marzipan has at least 50% almonds and 50% sugar and spices. Do not buy if sugar or other sweetener is first on the ingredient list. Continue reading