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French Country Style

What shall we do with all the pesto?  Besides serving with Ravioli or other pastas, or spread on bread with tomatoes, I found this french twist… The french ‘Soupe au Pistou’ uses the pesto (Pistou) to flavor soups, here a mixed country style vegetable soup with pasta. A very convincing mix with early Spring vegetables and lots-a garlic. See recipe

Pasta Prima-Winter

Channel the Tuscan sun with a light and quick pasta sauce, Primavera style, veganized and winterized. In a NY winter, the right mix of early vegetables might be hard to come by, besides I never liked too much watery summer squash. Just take little handfuls of vegetables you have at hand in winter. A cup of mushrooms, even dried and rehydrated ones; Winter roots such as carrots, parsnips, celery; Chopped and frozen parsley. I was lucky to find some green asparagus and tomatoes. Together it blends to a nice real Pasta Prima-Winter. Btw. did you know that whole wheat pasta is a great source of protein? See recipe