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Beat the Heat

We are in the midst of dog days… Heat around the 90’s and high humidity. I catch myself thinking twice if I should use oven and stove. Not primarily to save energy, but to keep the carefully balanced inside temperature down. In that sense using a pressure cooker for grains and beans is a blessing as it really reduces cooking time.
Today’s CSA pickup had some surprise ingredients such as optional okra. What about an African Stew? At least the heat helps to make it feel very authentic…   See recipe

Easy as Thai

Spring Fresh! A refreshing salad in Asian restaurants is green papaya or mango salad. I recently tried a mango salad that was loaded with fried noodle shreds. Adding popped amaranth instead of fried noodles –  a great idea! Fun to make and healthy. Following is my westernized version of a mango salad with popped amaranth and roasted peanuts. Popping fun. See Recipe