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Balkan secrets

AjvarDSC_2506Ajvar production – a wrinkled granny with headscarf and toothless smile stirring a vat of reddish paste. The article with the memorable picture was showing how Ajvar was made in the Balkan. Always eager to find plant based alternatives to put on a quick bread, without time to cook, I was excited to try this new old recipe. And finally we are in season for plump eggplants and red peppers. Besides my paté, there is now Ajvar.

Ajvar originated in Macedonia, or Serbia or maybe beyond, and has been brought here as specialty import. Hot and not so hot Ajvar, depending on your taste, can be also made at home. If you know the art of roasting peppers and eggplants without trashing your kitchen, the Balkan secrets can be all yours. See recipe

Salsa Roja

Fresh Salsa is short lived. The popular thick Latin American red sauce (salsa roja), sells meanwhile better in the US than ketchup and comes in many different colors and recipes. Unlike Salsa Cruda, which is a cooked version of the hot tomato dip, the fresh Salsa is made from raw ingredients. Use the molcajete (mortar & pestle) or an ordinary blender. Important is, that the garlic and lime juice have to be fresh, they prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore should never be replaced by dried powder mixes. On a hot day, with too many tomatoes at hand, Salsa even makes a light dinner with a side salad. Cut a tortilla sheet into chips and toast them on a frying pan and you will have fresh warm chips. Easy and nice effect. Recipe

Finger food…

Summer… so many reasons to get together and share food.  After the rained out days in May, hopes are high to spent some time outside; I love finger food that is easy to make and share. This pepper onion tart – with thyme is so ‘French countryside’. (Hint, share!) Continue reading

Saving green zebras

Maybe a Global warming ‘Trick or Treat’? The unexpected snowstorm in New York on October 29 had us gather our crop in a hurry. A couple of years ago, I discovered Heirlooms at the Union Square market and was experimenting with different tomato kinds in containers since then. The plentitude of little ‘Blondköpfchen’, the voluptious Millie, the tasty Brandywine, the Purple Cherokee and the Black Krim.  Continue reading