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Irish Spring

IrishDSC_3224It is Irish Parade time, Westchester will have it’s own St. Patrick’s Parade this weekend, which is last minute for me to cook Irish food. Of course Irish food must contain potatoes, or not? A typical Irish dish, Colcannon, can be made with plantains, a sacrilege, I know, as a relatively cheap item is replaced with a more exotic kind. However, if you are cutting back on nightshades, this recipe is worth a try and it will give you a load of kale with it. See recipe

Greetings from Guatemala

PlantainDSC_3195Plantains can be a dessert or vegetable. While green plantains are high in starch to be cooked and used like potatoes, the riper fruits with yellow or black peel have developed a nice sweetness, without becoming mushy like dessert bananas do. Often Latin American recipes deep fry plantains, such as the ‘Rellenitos de plantano’; Plantain rolls with a sweet bean filling. However when the plantains are cooked first, mashed and filled and then lightly cooked in a frying pan, they are not as greasy and taste great as dessert or snack. See recipe

The vegetable banana


Looking for more vegetable variety in winter, I noticed plantains, the starchy cousins to our sweet dessert bananas. Originally from Asia and Oceania, plantains are now a food stable in Africa and South America. They contain less water, more starch and their peel needs to turn black until maximum sweetness is achieved. Green plantains are a great replacement for potatoes, if you need to avoid nightshades. Although most Southern recipes deep-fry plantains, you can cook them like potatoes and then lightly sauté them. Served as chips or patties, with garlic sauce, or with a sweet filling, plantains are a great snack or potato-like side dish.