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‘Grain’ of the future

The Incas named Quinoa, the ‘Mother of all grains’, for its high nutritional value; High contents of complete proteins, fiber, magnesium and iron plus a good amount of calcium. The hardy plant that is related to beets, spinach and amaranth, also contains oxalic acid in the stems and leaves. Bitter saponins in the seeds require cooking before consumption.
2013 has been declared International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations. Enough reason to give a closer look to this ‘superfood’. How about Sweet potato and Quinoa patties with hot sauce? See recipe

Try this at home!

Our first heat wave is here… How about a refreshing, vegan Mango Lassi, that doubles as protein drink. Original Indian Restaurant Lassi’s are wonderful, fruity, sweet and refreshing treats that also leave you full before you even finish your food…
To get the sweet and sour taste, I was looking to replace the thick yogurt or kefir with a guilt free vegan version. There is even probiotic vegan yogurt and vegan sour cream. Add lots of crunched ice and survive the heat!
Try this at home…

‘Choco Mouse’

Obsessed with mousse! Have you ever watched the Polanski thriller ‘Rosemary’s Baby’? In one scene the elderly neighbor brings Rosemary a dessert she calls a ‘chocolate mouse’. There is something irresistible about mousse. If you saw my earlier recipe with tofu, here is an even easier tofu free version that can pass as raw recipe. Most likely the most healthy chocolate mousse ever – with an unusual ingredient, Avocado!  With 4g of protein, avocado contains all nine essential amino acids to build muscle and create more protein—in addition to heart- and brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado is also very high in magnesium, needed to balance high calcium intake. Try me!

A Super Bowl – or how do veg’ns get enough protein

Real men need protein!  Usually the last argument against a plant based diet, as nutrition pyramids list animal food equal to protein, the Avantgarde may add soybeans to the list. Other foods that also contain protein however, are listed elsewhere as vegetables, grains or nuts. Most mushrooms for example have around 20-30% of protein by dry weight… To see if I am getting ‘enough’ protein in my diet, I did some math:  Continue reading