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Wet punky-pie


Looks can be so deceiving. Here is my warning: ‘Do not fake your food photography or retouch the soul out of it.’ Today I tried a recipe, that looked like little brownie squares. Although I changed some ingredients, I was not prepared that this was not a regular cake, it did not rise and left the oven merely behaving like a hot pudding. However, after cooling for several hours, it turned into a really nice pumpkin pie, just what I wanted, except I nervously had eaten many pieces along the way checking the ‘status’. Continue reading

Adding crunch

Using contrast in a dish, you can dress up a very smooth soup with a crunchy element. Crunch is traditionally added by either using naturally crunchy vegetables, such as carrot slices; or roasted ingredients that add flavor, such as bread crumbs or bacon, grains, such as popped amaranth, or fried vegetables, such as onions. When I made a variation of my butternut squash soup, I needed something interesting, and added crunch and flavor by dressing the soup with quickly roasted potato mini cubes. See recipe here.

Winter warmers

Roots rule!
The last frosty outdoor market this year, had mostly root vegetables and winter squash. At this time you will see usually the first rutabagas. A cross between cabbage and turnips, Continue reading

Radiant autumn colors

The giant pumpkins. Pumpkins and squashes are native in North America. Imagine autumn or Thanksgiving without the golden orange food and decor. Pumpkin pies, spices and soups are sold with pictures of cinderella pumpkins, the best flavor however, comes from butternut squash,  sugar pumpkin or even sweet potatoes. The following recipe is very quick to make and has a subtle fruit flavor. It makes a grand Holiday appetizer with a garnish of veg. sour cream. See recipe