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Summer cabbage

Cabbage is for Russian winters… however our summer farm share was brimming with early heads of durable white cabbage. Thank god, they store so well, they survived our travel time.
After several kinds of slaws, you may want a nice sauté. This mix with squash, sage and thyme just makes good use of last week’s CSA package. For a variety in starch you may want to use quinoa instead of traditional potatoes. Veg. style sausage meat is optional. See Recipe

Traditional Fare

Hastings has been discovering Kale, for chips, pasta greens and of course by itself. Now you can even buy ready made kale chips in different flavors at Whole Foods and Fairways. I believe the kale season is winding down; in Germany, it is eaten mostly in winter, preferred after some frost. Most kale overseas is extremely sandy, therefore ‘triple washed’ and pre-cooked kale is offered in huge cans intended to shorten the cooking process. “Grünkohl mit Pinkel’ (Kale with hot sausage), the family favorite is well worth veganizing.  See recipe

Winter warmers

Roots rule!
The last frosty outdoor market this year, had mostly root vegetables and winter squash. At this time you will see usually the first rutabagas. A cross between cabbage and turnips, Continue reading