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Easter Brunch

CheeseDSC_3228.1No special Easter treats this year, just ‘cheese’. After too many bunnies and sweets, we kept a low profile. Family feasts are so difficult. There are many traditional foods and we are tempted between a healthy vegan lifestyle and alienating family traditions. For example Easter Brunch. I haven’t dared to invite anyone to do a ‘Vegan Brunch’.  Continue reading

Fall Fare

Fall salads need to be more creative. The season for good tomatoes and cucumbers is gone, as are light greens. Everything moves to more durable salad greens, root vegetables cabbages and exotic fruits. This week marks the last CSA and market day. Trying to extend my measly greens, I was surprised how well radishes and cabbage go with oranges and avocado. This is a very satisfying blend. See recipe.

Not your Polly O’s

I did it, I made vegan Mozzarella from scratch. Vegan Mozzarella! It comes a little late as we just had pizza night; the process needs certain ingredients which I needed to buy, plus a day to sit. So I had some for lunch with home grown yellow heirlooms plus handy garden basil. The recipe is from the October edition of Veg News. As there are not many convincing commercial veg cheeses to find, I had been looking into veg cheese recipes in different places. It seems as with Genome sequencing, different people were recently eager to solve the veg cheese challenge. Continue reading

Try this at home!

Our first heat wave is here… How about a refreshing, vegan Mango Lassi, that doubles as protein drink. Original Indian Restaurant Lassi’s are wonderful, fruity, sweet and refreshing treats that also leave you full before you even finish your food…
To get the sweet and sour taste, I was looking to replace the thick yogurt or kefir with a guilt free vegan version. There is even probiotic vegan yogurt and vegan sour cream. Add lots of crunched ice and survive the heat!
Try this at home…

Leafy greens, again…

Our refrigerator is crowded… and more delivery of leafy CSA greens are coming this week. Something to build into our food plan.
Jorge’s mother makes huge pans of chard in scrambled eggs. And then there are green spinach pancakes, also with eggs. What if you blend lots of greens with just little flour and some tofu? …You’ll get little green cowpies. The patties are baked and then served with
my veg version of  Tzatziki, the greek cucumber yoghurt. In summer the patties can also be eaten cold at picnics and last for a couple of days in the refrigerator. See here for recipe