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The Gingerbread project

LebkuDSC_2970I had my eye on true domino cookies, or Elisen Lebkuchen, but I first used my new spice mix for a traditional batch of gingerbread men… to thank our neighbor for rescuing our car. Of course an enhanced veg. recipe.
If anyone local remembers, the drier version might taste like a harmless version of Kemm’sche Kuchen, or even ‘Hamburger Braune Kuchen”. See recipe here.

Morning Glory

What’s for breakfast? Without regular farmer’s markets suddenly we ran out of our favorite morning breads. After some conventionally sweet breakfast fare and morning pancakes, we needed our own bread. So I veganized recipe for banana bread. Instead of chocolate chips, I used 2 tbs of home made rum raisins. This time I adjusted to more raising ingredients to counter the sluggish portion of Whole Wheat flour. Even though I replaced the high sugar content with sucanat and brown sugar, plus some molasses, as the bananas were too fresh, it is still very, very sweet although it tastes nice. Goal is to get riper bananas that are able to provide the main sweetness, reduce the fat and work on Gluten reduction. See recipe

Seasonal baking

Traveling along the Moselle, visiting the German wine country a year ago, we quickly adapted to a southern speciality called Nussecken ( Nut Triangles ) that I haven’t seen in the North yet. Back here I tried a recipe and then forgot about it, now with new baking energy in Advent season I am veganizing existing recipes. Nut triangles need a big amount of nuts, a blend of almonds and also hazelnuts. The triangles have two layers of dough and are filled with jam and are finally dipped in very dark chocolate. See Recipe