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The mother of all slaw

SurowDSC_4645Ever wondered where Cole Slaw is rooted? It must be from somewhere East… In Poland for example, there is Surówka, which means literally ‘raw’ salad, but then there is the German ‘Rohkost’. It is made in varieties with shredded carrots, apples, raisins and cabbage and likely other raw vegetables, plus fresh herbs, such as dill. You can add some sauerkraut to add some beneficial culture. The dressing can be salty or sweet, with plain lemon and spices. But you can also dress it up creamier, for example, add some cashew cream or tofu and replace the sugar from the recipe with a date or alternative sweetener in the blender. It is so fresh and tasty, much fresher than the usual tired and oily slaw. See recipe

The origins of paisley

MangoDSC_3239.1Mango trees still fruit when they are 300 years old. Then, a mango tree must be still a good family investment, provided you live in the right climate. The South Asian native fertility symbol is used for wedding decoration, art and traditional symbolic; Mango motifs and paisleys graced traditional Indian and Iranian embroidery styles. The first mangoes brought overseas were pickled, to allow transportation of the easy spoiling fruit. Continue reading

Alternative grains

Another wheat alternative is Buckwheat, also called Kashi. The name comes from its resemblance to the triangular, but bigger beechnuts. A short growing season makes buckwheat perfect for colder climates or as a second crop. Historically, with increased output of wheat and other grains in colder climates, buckwheat has lost its importance over time, but has become recently more popular  as they offer an alternative to a gluten free diet. In general, it is a good idea to include buckwheat in our diet. Recipes I have seen use buckwheat pasta together with vegetables as a salad. To avoid eating the dish cold in this season, I lightly sauteed the vegetables and topped everything with marinated, fried tofu. See recipe

What about Tofu?

Tofu has a non-taste. Maybe veg’n food has a bad reputation as tofu is too often used as a quick and careless replacement for meat. The bean curd has very different properties, besides little taste it has a chewy to creamy texture depending on style. It might accompany a veg’n dish but should not be the sole center of attention to replace a steak, even if it is marinated and grilled. See my recipe for scrambled tofu. Continue reading

Leafy greens, again…

Our refrigerator is crowded… and more delivery of leafy CSA greens are coming this week. Something to build into our food plan.
Jorge’s mother makes huge pans of chard in scrambled eggs. And then there are green spinach pancakes, also with eggs. What if you blend lots of greens with just little flour and some tofu? …You’ll get little green cowpies. The patties are baked and then served with
my veg version of  Tzatziki, the greek cucumber yoghurt. In summer the patties can also be eaten cold at picnics and last for a couple of days in the refrigerator. See here for recipe

Loaded with bitter greens?

Bitter greens have a healthy reputation… Low in calories and high in nutrients! Again this week, our CSA load of mustard greens and Bok Choi, was grimly sitting in the fridge and next day would bring another load. Asian stir fry again? Meh! Whenever in doubt, make empanadas! These tasty Latin bites work also with bitter greens instead of spinach – actually quite nice! Cool down and eat after baking or even cold the day after… It is always good to keep some empanada shells in the freezer… See recipe here

Decadent Valentine’s

Have you craved Mousse-au-Chocolat lately? If you thought, you can never eat such decadent dessert again, as real mousse contains raw egg, butter or alcohol, here is good news: This vegan version is superior to what I have tested in years! It also won’t collapse as easily as a regular mousse does, plus you don’t need such a difficult dance in cooling time. You will however, need a food processor, as the mix is too dry for a regular blender. Tip: Make some more, the small amount I listed barely makes it out of the machine… Now you just have enough prep time for Valentine’s recipe

The crab that got away…

New Year’s is traditionally serving  Seafood Dishes. Our tourist guide from Savannah had beautiful ads and colorful Logos from crab shacks and seafood restaurants. Gift shops sell postcards with Southern fare crab cake recipes. No wonder that my mind was set on Seafood.  Continue reading