Documentation and Print

Alfons Haar data sheet

The Alfons Haar Group needed a replacement for their brochure or data sheet. Information needed to be organized, the template needed to adjust to multiple types and sizes of product, from small single items to room sized installations.

The new design template organizes data and has an updated look. The top flag in company colors organizes product type, the descriptor underneath might take up 3 lines and is therefore placed outside the rectangle. A Gray field holds the product and is light enough to not clash with various product colors. Copy is stripped down; ideally, the features underneath the product would only hold 5 items. New is also a QR code to link to item page on the web shop. Page 2 holds important technical information with order numbers, product keys and technical drawings.

CCLR Sponsorship calendar

Create a clean overview and template for the Center of Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) sponsorship calendar, with an overview of donor access and perks during the upcoming events. 
Multiple solutions, showed different classes of sponsorship on one page and also spread out to several pages with more space to explain the privileges for each class. Each level was marked with specific colors that were followed through in the calendar. The calendar pages will be used as in-house templates.