Package design


  1. Livingwell RUB-ON-RELIEF
  2. LIVINGWELL My Daily Collagen
  3. LIVINGWELL new series eye and memory supplements
  4. LIVINGWELL Super Joint Support
  5. LIVINGWELL Sleepzyme
  6. Paper Cups
  7. AMERICAN DREAM carton wrap
  8. AMERICAN DREAM chocolates with counter display
  9. OBAGI PROTOCOL Formula, International Series
  10. SASANQUA SPA Series, with essential oils
  11. COLGATE SOFTSOAP hand soap re-design
  12. COLGATE SOFTSOAP bodywash Cashmere series
  13. COLGATE SOFTSOAP silky bar soap
  14. UNILEVER SUAVE ESSENTIALS, new with fruit extracts
  15. BASF tissue packs
  16. DEL Orajel Baby re-design