Logo Design – a story in a nutshell

  1. NY RIVERKEEPER LOGO for the Riverkeeper family of logos with the existing slab serif Riverkeeper wordmark.
  2. HASTINGS CONSERVATION COMISSION – educational look for the environmental group.
  3. BLACK WHALE STUDIO – REDESIGN of the software company logo
  4. ALFONS HAAR HRS PRODUCT – Helicopter Refueling System
  5. CT TRACER LOGO idea for the NY DOH Contact Tracing initiative
  6. HASTINGS TILI (Take-it-or-leave-it garage) successful initiative by Hastings’ CC to reduce waste.
  7. DANIELA PIECHE Logo for baby clothing
  8. INTERACTIVE BROKERS – 2017 logo contest pitch; Suggested using the stock symbol and reduce image element to 3 shapes. The entry was not chosen; the logo was later changed by the company to a simplified design in 2018.
  9. AMERIAN DREAM – a logo for the nostalgic chocolate brand
  10. PIN AT – Authors Club of Pinneberg
  11. RIVERTOWN NETWORKERS, connecting professionals from multiple Westchester Rivertowns
  12. CORONADO – Logo for the Coronado 10K Valentine’s Day race, designed to be used also for a finisher’s medal