Presentation and Video

NYS DOH Contact Tracing Intiative Pichardo Team

The movie format is currently not available online. The movie will be uploaded at a later time.

The Pichardo Contact Tracer team working for the NYS DOH was asked to prepare a 20 minute presentation, to be presented remotely in MS-Teams. The team had multiple part-timers never online at the same time. All Communication had to be done remotely with MS Teams. The first version had the full presentation text on the slides, so that members could read spontaneously for absentees. The text was later reduced to presenter format
One option was to embed audio or video in every slide. Instead of embedding audio into the slide show, the whole presentation was recorded as a slide video and synched with audio recordings and music transitions. Latency which was a problem with embedded videos with MS-teams was reduced during the presentation. The movie format had the advantage that there was no technical delay in switching presenters. The result received lots of praise.